I understand first-hand how stressful a real estate transaction can be. So, whether you're buying or building a new home, selling the one you're in, or purchasing an investment property, let Upstate Home & Property Inspections give you the peace of mind you deserve to make the right choice for your family's future.

I spent 25 years in custom building and design for the motion picture and television industry, both independently and an International Trade member.  This job required working with Occupational Safety & Health Administration (Cal OSHA).   The main responsibilities were to assure that all construction was to industry standards and that all safety regulations and issues were satisfied. It was not an easy job.  We were constantly inspecting everything we built right down to how many foot-pounds the bolt was.

Retiring early, we moved to Greenville, South Carolina.  While exploring our new state my sights were set on something that tied in well with building, new construction, and inspections.  Home Inspection fit.

A construction background helps, but home inspection requires observation, system analysis, along with communication skills.  After attending trade school, I became a licensed home inspector in 2010 through the LLR (Labor, Licensing & Regulation) in South Carolina. We are fully insured.

Professional integrity and premiere service is what Upstate Home & Property Inspections gives you every time.

Home inspections, they are the best job in the world!  Book Upstate Home & Property Inspections and let us help you get to know your new house.